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The League of Legends European Championship continued with an action-packed second week, filled with expected wins and fewer upsets. Week 2 of the LEC saw a dominant Misfits Gaming and G2 Esports, as well as a resurgent Fnatic and a winless SK Gaming.

No roster changes were made heading into the second week. However, Sk’s Ersin “Blue” Goren returned to the mid lane after being out for health related issues. After Week 2, G2 and Misfits led the standings with Rogue, MAD Lions and Fnatic trailing behind.

With Week 2 of the LEC over and teams looking better, here are the major notes heading into Week 3.

G2 Esports: The team to beat in the LEC

G2 Esports ended their week with victories against Rogue and Astralis, further extending their record against Rogue in LEC’s regular season. Their aggressive roams and proactive nature around objectives have also set G2 apart from their counterparts so far. Additionally, G2’s Jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski’s brilliant display in both games, where he obtained 38 kill involvements, is a huge boost for the team. With the best western mid lane player, an in-form jungler and a highly resourceful bot lane duo, G2 are certainly favorites to win any game in the LEC right now.

SK Gaming need a miracle

After five games played in the LEC summer split, SK Gaming sit at the bottom of the standings with a 0-5 record. While Erik “Treatz” Wessen is actually performing well in the jungle, nothing else seems to be working for SK at the moment. They started against Schalke 04 Esports with a better early game performance. However, they fell apart in the 24th minute after losing a team fight in the mid-lane. Then, SK lost both the Dragon and Baron, finding it hard to get back into the game.

SK’s hopes of a first win were dashed after losing a crucial team fight in the jungle. Their problems also resurfaced in their game against Team Vitality, who took charge of the game from start to finish. Although there are still many more games to be played in the LEC summer split, things do not look bright for SK. With a playoff spot up for grabs, SK desperately need a miracle to turn their summer split around and keep their qualification hopes alive.

Misfits are still a top team

Not many people expected Misfits to be sitting at the top of the LEC standings after Week 2, but there they are. After a 1-1 record in Week 2, Misfits share first place with G2. They also have more wins in the first two weeks of summer than they did in the first five weeks of spring. Their remarkable resurgence in the summer split is really impressive, given that they made no roster changes. While they faced defeat against Rogue, it was quite a close game.

Moreover, Misfits’ top laner Shin “HiRit” Tae-min finished the game with the highest kills after an incredible display on Gwen.  The team also racked up 16 kills compared to their opponent’s 18.  They ended Week 2 of the LEC with a dominant win against  Astralis; with a 10,000 gold lead and only one tower lost. Even though Misfits are behind the likes of Rogue, G2 and MAD, they are a team to be feared in Summer.

Never count Fnatic out

Fnatic entered the summer split with several question marks and huge roster changes. While they had a slow start in the first week, it seems like they found their rhythm in Week 2. They displayed overpowering performances in their victories against Excel Esports and Team Vitality. Also, Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov showed himself to be impressive on the Braum against Excel.

Fnatic’s roster changes have also settled in well, with more coordinated team play overall. So far, Fnatic look better than they did ina the last split. They have already defeated Rogue and it won’t be surprising if they replicate the same feat against G2 in Week 3.

LEC returns for Week 3 on June 25 with the opening game between Misfits vs. Excel at 12 p.m. ET.