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There are only a couple of weeks left in the League of Legends Championship Series and competition is beginning to heat up. In Week 6 of the LCS, FlyQuest launched to new heights with their Academy roster, 100 Thieves nearly fell from grace and Golden Guardians gained two upsets.

FlyQuest is on fire

After a ten-game loss streak across three weekends, FlyQuest finally benched its main roster and swapped it for their Academy one. That led them to break their losing streak and pick up their first undefeated weekend in some time. They defeated Cloud9 in the opening match of the weekend after a back-and-forth early stage. After breaking their streak with a win against Cloud9, FlyQuest then went on to defeat both CLG and Immortals. The new Academy roster can break into heights that the old one wasn’t able to.

100 Thieves fall short in Week 6 of the LCS

100 Thieves had previously been on an eight-game win streak to give them sole possession of first place in the LCS during Week 5. However, in Week 6, things began to crumble for 100 Thieves. They would have to face TSM on Sunday, which would ultimately determine who would remain in first place after the weekend. Before that, 100 Thieves had to face Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses in matches that they theoretically should have won. That did not happen, however. 100 Thieves were quickly bested by both teams to start Week 6 0-2. With their win over TSM, they still have possession of first place, but their two losses hurt them in the standings overall.

Golden Guardians swing for the fences with Licorice

Eric “Licorice” Ritchie was traded from FlyQuest to Golden Guardians after Week 5. FlyQuest had failed to get anything going but his performance was revived when he came to Golden Guardians. In a Player of the Week standout performance, Licorice guided Golden Guardians to two wins to go 10-26. While they are still most likely out of playoffs, Golden Guardians can upset teams along the way.