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Week 6 of the League of Legends European Championship saw both Rogue and Fnatic clinch the first two slots for summer playoffs. It also featured some upsets and SK Gaming’s first 2-0 week this Split. With just four playoff spots remaining in the LEC Summer Split, here are the major takeaways from all the action in Week 6 of the league.

Fnatic and Rogue continue to lead the pack in the LEC

After 13 games played, Fnatic and Rogue both sit at the top of the LEC standings. Both teams have had an incredible summer split so far. Although Fnatic’s current form is more remarkable given the disappointing state of the team in the spring split. Rogue shook off their humiliating loss to G2 Esports last week, pulling off one-sided wins against Schalke and Astralis. Three members of the team went deathless in the series against Schalke with mid laner, Emil “Larssen” Larsson grabbing seven kills.  Furthermore, Rogue lost no towers in the game against Astralis as Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu finished with a 7/2/7 Kill/Death/Assist ratio on Camille.

Just like Rogue, Fnatic also ended their week with a 2-0 record after wins against Astralis and arch-rivals, G2. While G2 put up a fight, an unkillable Mundo and a powerful Tristana on Fnatic’s side was enough to turn the game in their favor. Rogue and Fnatic will clash again in Week 7 of the LEC.  After beating Rogue earlier in the split, Fnatic will fancy their chances more for the rematch.

Vitality’s  problem may be more than a mid-split change

Team Vitality on LEC stage
Team Vitality on LEC stage versus MAD Lions. | Provided by Riot Games

After coming in with an impressive roster for the LEC Summer Split, Team Vitality opted to make a change midway through. The organization announced that their LFL top laner, Mathias “Szygenda” Jensen will replace Enzo “SLT” Gonzalez. Szygenda, just like SLT, is a rookie who after one split in the LEC was moved to the Vitality Bee roster. With this change in Week 5, Vitality have only recorded one win. They lost to MAD Lions and G2, two teams who they previously beat. Moreover, their mid laner, Adam “LIDER” Ilyasov also struggled to have more positive impacts in the games. With the team’s mid-jungle synergy missing, Vitality are finding it hard to stay in games.

While Vitality’s losses stem from a lot of errors on the rift, the addition of Szygenda halfway into the split may also have affected the team’s dynamics. Regardless, mid-split changes are always risky for any team and they may need more to remain in playoffs contention.

Deep cracks appear in Schalke

After winning against Fnatic on the first day of Week 4, Schalke 04 have failed to win a game since then. This losing streak has also seen them drop to the bottom of the table with a 3-10 record. Moreover, Schalke continue to struggle against all the teams in the LEC. They ended both losses to Rogue and Misfits with 10,000 plus gold deficits with just four kills in each. With the regular summer split almost over, Schalke’s best option may be bringing in their benched jungler, Erberk “Gilius” Demir. He played a crucial role in their miracle run last year when they qualified for the LEC summer playoffs. However, it is unlikely this will happen and with just five games left.

SK miracle run to LEC playoffs still alive

SK Jezu on LEC stage interview. | Provided by Riot Games

SK won’t be too quick to forget Week 6 of the LEC as they ended with a perfect 2-0 record. For the most part of the summer split, SK have been at the bottom of the LEC standings. However, their two wins in a row see them tied in 8th with Excel. While the team still has a long way to go qualify for the playoffs, their resurgence in Week 6 is an encouraging sign. After all the changes SK made in the summer split, it was no surprise to see them at the bottom of the LEC. With the recent wins, SK is refusing to go down without fighting and are left with two more weeks to give everything.