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Week 5 of the League of Legends Championship Series concluded and the competition is heating up as 100 Thieves take firm position of first place, FlyQuest struggle to win a game and Evil Geniuses go 3-0 for the first time in summer.

100 Thieves secure playoffs for summer

Someone on reddit made a post stating it had been 757 days since an LCS team — not named TSM, Cloud9, or Team Liquid — claimed possession of first place. It was all possible thanks to Dignitas, who took down TSM on July 2 to allow 100 Thieves first place. The Thieves have recovered nicely from their loss to CLG over two weeks ago. Since then, they have gone on an eight-game win streak to be 24-9 overall in the LCS. With sole possession of first place during Week 5, 100 Thieves are the first team to secure LCS playoffs in the summer.

FlyQuest fail to make anything work

After another winless weekend for FlyQuest, the team reached a staggering ten-game loss streak. They’ve been unable to find a victory in the last three weeks and nothing appears to be working for the squad. FlyQuest tried to bring in academy players during Week 4, but even that failed to bring in results. Now, after Week 5, they are currently tied in eighth place alongside CLG — who is also 9-24 overall in the LCS. The only team currently worse than them is Golden Guardians, who won just eight games in 2021. At least the world is being improved with FlyQuest’s mission to go green.

Evil Geniuses go undefeated for the first time

Evil Geniuses has consistently been a mid-tier team and fought Team Liquid and Dignitas for a spot in the potential top four. For the first time in the summer split, Evil Geniuses took home the 3-0. This victory in Week 5 got them to 19 wins overall this LCS season. While the undefeated victory should be celebrated, they obtained it by defeating the three teams currently at the bottom. FlyQuest, CLG, and Golden Guardians have all struggled to get things going this year and Evil Geniuses capitalized on that.