What we learned from the OpTic Chicago Home Series
Florida Mutineers victory
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What we learned from the OpTic Chicago Home Series

The OpTic Chicago Home Series concluded with some memorable moments
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With the return to LAN looming on the horizon, teams are trying more than ever to improve themselves. For most, the OpTic Chicago Home Series was the perfect place to set the right tone for Stage 4, which concludes with the first LAN Major in over a year. As such, the competition at the event was stiffer than ever.

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There were multiple upsets, blowouts of huge proportions and some expected outcomes. Through all of this, we learned multiple things about the 12 Call of Duty League rosters. However, three stuck out more than the others.

1. OpTic Chicago is LAN or bust in 2021

OpTic Chicago went 1-1 at their home series, beating the slumping Minnesota RØKKR and getting obliterated by FaZe Clan yet again. The team’s inability to defeat the top four rosters is astounding. Of course, the excuse for this is “wait until LAN,” which has been stated by both players and fans. This phrase is beginning to tire itself out, however, as Chicago hasn’t even come close to beating Atlanta in their three attempts.

In many OpTic fans’ minds, the return to LAN will be the saving grace for the Chicago roster. With such an experienced group of veterans, going back to LAN should, in theory, produce great results.

It’s possible that OpTic will turn things around at the Stage 4 Major, where offline play is the norm once again. There’s also a high chance that they won’t, as Chicago can’t seem to find a shred of consistency in 2021. If this happens, some tough decisions will face the CDL’s most popular organization.

2. Florida Mutineers are a dark horse in Stage 4

The CDL’s most inconsistent roster went to a new level at the OpTic Chicago Home Series. The Florida Mutineers upset the Toronto Ultra and swept the London Royal Ravens to start Stage 4 at 2-0. This was both expected and unexpected, as Florida has looked like a top team and a bottom four team at various times throughout 2021.

But, it seems that the Mutineers have been trending upwards. Despite a disappointing finish at the Stage 3 Major, they’ve won their fair share of matches over the last month. The steady performances of Cesar “Sykz” Bueno and Joe “Owakening” Conley are the main reason behind this. However, the recent surge from Travis “Neptune” McCloud is a huge factor in the Mutineers’ success.

If the entire roster can continue to contribute, Florida could be a scary team to face in the coming weeks.

3. Seattle Surge have a kryptonite

After making yet another roster change, Seattle fans were desperately hoping to see their team win for only the sixth time in 2021. The OpTic Chicago Home Series seemed like a great opportunity; the Surge was playing the LA Thieves, who also just made a huge roster move. The stars seemed to be aligning for the worst team in the CDL.

However, it was another heartbreaking defeat for Seattle. The team looked solid in Hardpoint and a bit shaky in Search and Destroy, but Control continues to be the Surge’s kryptonite. They didn’t win a single map in the mode during Stage 3 and lost it again to the Thieves.

This time, though, some salt was rubbed in the wound. The Surge looked to have the map in the bag, boasting a 5-man life advantage in the final round. LA was able to pull off a miracle in the end, however, winning every gunfight and capping the final point to win the match.

It was certainly a low point for Seattle but, if they can start winning some Control maps, they could begin to take some series.

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