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League of Legends next champion, Akshan, was teased with the Rise of the Sentinels update earlier this June. The rugged, grappling hook wielding character will become the 156th champion on the game’s roster. He joins League sometime in July 2021, but fans don’t know much about the champion beyond some Rise of the Sentinels art and his grappling hook motif.

Here is what we know so far about Akshan.

Akshan is an attack damage mid laner

In a champion roadmap update from April 2021, Lead Producer of Champions “Reav3” Ryan gave an update on what the new champion is intended to play like.

“Our goal with this champ was to create a marksman that would primarily be played mid lane,” Reav3 said. “While champions like Lucian, Corki, and Tristana have seen play mid, none of them feel like they were made specifically for that position, with the traits you often see from champions in that lane—like intentionally-designed roaming patterns and a dueling focus. We felt a marksman designed for mid would both add a unique champion to the roster and could also be pretty appealing to a lot of mid lane assassin and skirmisher players.”

From the description, the new champion sounds like a cross between Samira and Talon. With all of the assassination, skirmishing power and roam potential the two characters bring to the table.

Akshan is a part of the larger Ruination lore

The Rise of Sentinels update is another installment if the year-long story League of Legends has doled out since the start of 2021. With the release of the ruined king, Viego, and the similarly themed Gwen, the next champion should also update the lore and story that has unfolded.

Akashan looks to be a part of the good side of the fight, with the aforementioned Sentinels, and appears to fight with a grappling hook. He’s using a hook in the art for the update, his champion roadmap post featured a photo of his hook and the word grapple is used in Reav3’s preamble for the champion.

Sentinels of Light Akshan
Provided by Riot Games

“During the Season 2021 roadmap, I talked briefly about a charming new Sentinel of Light that will swing onto the Rift this summer. Now that there’s a lot more to grapple with, let’s talk in more detail,” he said.

Akshan will hit League of Legends live servers sometime in July and become the third new champion released in 2021.