What is Assimilation in Warzone 2? Explained
Call of Duty Warzone 2 2.0 Assimilation

What is Assimilation in Warzone 2? Explained

Break the rules of BR's legally in Warzone 2

After over two years since the mega Battle Royal hit Call of Duty Warzone came out, Activision Blizzard has just released Warzone 2.0 which brings in a ton of new and exciting changes to one of the most popular free-to-play titles in recent memory. As a brand new game, Warzone 2 also has some brand new mechanics including the controversial assimilation. Assimilation allows players to bend the rules of the BR genre by making alliances with enemy factions to dominate the game. And this time, it’s not against the terms of service. Here is how assimilation works in Warzone 2.

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Assimilation rules

Provided by Activision Blizzard

In Warzone 2, players can queue up in a game with three different settings that relate to the assimilation mechanic. The first is to play with the mechanic off, which is perfect for players who don’t want to deal with a mechanic they themselves might not think is fun or fair. The second setting is refill; this is the standard way most games of Warzone with Assimilation will go. With this setting, players can join or recruit enemies into their squad, but only under the condition that they have fewer members on their squad than the max size of the game mode, essentially “refilling” the squad back to full power. For example, a squad that has two players in a trios match can recruit a solo enemy to form a new squad.

The final setting is expanded, which can only be played in the “Unhinged” mode. In Unhinged, players can have squads of up to six players if they queue into the Trios Unhinged BR mode.

How to join

Now that the different assimilation settings have been explained, let’s dive into how players join others. The method for this is quite easy as all players need to do is open up the ping wheel in-game. Once players do this, they will see two options one will say “request to join nearby enemy squad” and the other will say “invite nearby players to join your squad”. Players seeking refuge should use the request option to give nearby squads the choice to accept the request or not; as for players looking to pick up another player, sending an invite will alert nearby stragglers that a spot is open on your squad if they choose to accept.

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