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Esports media company WePlay! is putting together a competitive Dota Underlords event. This tournament, dubbed Underlords Open, will take place between August 1 and 4.

Open qualifiers

Qualifier matches will take place on July 27 and 28. WePlay! notes that while players will be split into two pools – European and North American – anyone and everyone is welcome. Only sixteen players will qualify for the Underlords tournament, which will feature a standard round robin format. Rather than continuing forward or getting eliminated, players will receive points based on their final standing in each match in the series.

The four players to finish with the highest scores will receive monetary rewards. The event has a prize pool of $15 thousand, with the first place winner taking $8 thousand. The entire event will be broadcast on the official WePlay! Twitch channel.

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New territory

Each match in Dota Underlords or any other autobattler is a mini-tournament in itself, with eight players battling against elimination. It’s therefore interesting how well the genre lends itself to tournament play. The appetite for events like Underlords Open is undeniably there.

Popular streamer Pokimane recently announced a Teamfight Tactics tournament series. Twitch is also getting in on the game. Just a couple of days ago the company added Teamfight Tactics to their TwitchRivals series. We will certainly see more competitive autobattler events popping up in the future.

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WePlay! routinely holds Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO tournaments, but this is their first swing at an autobattler event. In that respect, they are no different from any other esports organizer, as the genre is still in its infancy. Underlords Open will likely shape how competitive autobattler events are held in the future.

The announcement states that WePlay! will release more information about the event soon. In the meantime, stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Underlords news and content!

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