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The League of Legends World Championship final is one of the most-anticipated esports events of the year, period. And if you’ve ever watched one yourself in full, or even caught just a glimpse, you’d know why.

Every fall, Riot Games takes the things that make League esports unique – the storylines, high-level production and explosive in-game moments – and dials them up to the max. Between the intricate opening ceremonies and striking stage visuals that make each final memorable in a distinct way, it’s no wonder why some people put so much effort into experiencing the spectacle with their friends and loved ones.

With the Worlds 2021 final between DWG KIA and Edward Gaming underway, we decided to hunt for some of the best watch parties from around the globe and rate them based on how hype (or interesting) their setups are on a scale of one star to five (*= one star). 

Traveling in style (***)

It may not be the fanciest setup, but sometimes creativity is key. Props to @McSlaggles for having enough dedication to purchase in-flight WiFi so they could stay up to date on the games!

Bigger isn’t always better (***)

It’s easy to appreciate a more intimate watch party with friends and family in a chill setting. Where’s the screen, though?

College kickback (****)

Matching jerseys? Check. Group picture in front of a giant League-related prop? Check. It might not have the most people in attendance, but the UTD crew sure knows how to have fun!

Free food, you say? (****)

Free donuts? Say less!

We’ll take your word for it! (***)

The verbiage of this tweet and the energy in this photo are not at all in sync. Still hype, though!

The flex (****)

We weren’t able to watch with a live audience at the event itself, but this is definitely the next best thing. 

What the!? (*****)

Scratch that last one; what in the world? You can always count on League of Legends Pro League fans to show up for their teams. This clip alone probably has more energy than a crowd on a regular day of play-ins or groups would have had.