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According to a new report from a Call of Duty insider, the Washington Justice ownership group won’t be pursuing the Chicago Call of Duty League spot. The ownership group, Washington Esports Ventures, was reportedly the frontrunner to purchase the Chicago spot from NRG. This followed a report that OpTic Chicago and Dallas Empire will merge into one team, leaving NRG with a spot in the league they don’t want, as they own OpTic Chicago.

Washington Esports Ventures reportedly assembled a starting roster after making headway with the purchase. The lineup was headlined by Anthony “Methodz” Zinni and Reece “Vivid” Drost. However, Washington Esports Ventures has now decided to likely take itself out of the running for the CDL. The league is apparently attempting to find a replacement organization. If it can’t in time, though, sources say that the CDL might be forced to play with 11 teams for the 2022 season.

Washington Esports Venture out of the CDL

It’s currently unclear why Washington has decided to pull out of buying NRG’s Chicago spot. Sources haven’t been able to cite a reason behind the decision. Whatever the rationale may be, it leaves the CDL in a troubling spot.

There were rumors that the 2022 season could be played with 11 teams amidst all of the buyout talks. Now those rumors are closer to becoming a reality. There were reportedly other teams interested in purchasing the Chicago spot, so the league will likely reach out to those organizations first. They could also start a dialogue with NRG, who currently owns the spot.

While reports indicate NRG doesn’t want to field a roster in the league, there could be some room for negotiation if a replacement organization isn’t found in time. If NRG doesn’t budge, the format of the CDL in 2022 might have to shift to 11 teams. This would also mean there would be 4-5 fewer spots on a franchised roster.

Reported Washington players speak out

It seems this was a recent choice from Washington, as Methodz and his supposed teammate Paul “PaulEhx” Avila tweeted out telling statements Tuesday night.

PaulEhx announced his continued free agency for the 2022 season. “Still a free agent for next year, if any teams are still looking for one I can use anything,” PaulEhx tweeted. “If any challenger players wanna get something started let the kid know.”

Methodz, meanwhile, ominously wrote: “You can’t make it up.” The other members of the roster, Vivid and TJ “TJHaLy” Haly, have yet to say anything about the subject.

With a move of this caliber, there’s reportedly going to be a domino effect with other organizations in the CDL. According to the original source behind this report, Vivid will likely sign with the Florida Mutineers. This would move one of Florida’s current starters, presumably Colt “Havok” McClendon, out of the lineup. The source also claims that substitute Christian “Yeez” Faircloth has been released so Havok can take the sub spot.

There’s currently no additional news on what could lie ahead for Methodz, PaulEhx or TJHaLy. This is a developing story that will be continued to get updated as news becomes available.

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