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Treyarch seems to be on top of things when it comes to the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta. Since the PlayStation 4 exclusive beta last weekend, the developers have pushed out several patches to improve various aspects of the game. In one of the recent updates, the controversial sliding mechanic was nerfed pretty severely. During the first weekend, players were seen flying around the map while sliding instead of sprinting. Obviously, this wasn’t intended, so the patch tried to rectify that. The question is, did Treyarch do enough?

The new sliding mechanic in Black Ops Cold War

If you didn’t play the first weekend of the beta, then you might not know how overpowered sliding was. Essentially, players found a way to zip around the map while never breaking their sliding pattern. This resulted in sprinting and walking being the secondary movement methods, which is completely backwards.

To correct this, Treyarch decided to apply a couple of nerfs to sliding for the second weekend of the beta. Here’s what was nerfed according to the official patch notes:

Reduced the speed of the initial slide impulse and slightly shortened slide duration.

  • During the PS4 Beta, we found players over-relying on sliding to traverse ground quickly or engage in close quarters, making it difficult to target players in the open. Our goal is for sliding to function as a smooth transition to cover, escape, or transition to a crouching stance. This weekend’s changes result in a snappier slide that better fit our goals for the mechanic.
call of duty black ops cold war warzone map
Image via Activision

Initially, fans were overjoyed that this nerf came through when it did. Sliding was a real problem and it looked to be fixed with this patch. However, players are still finding ways to abuse the mechanic during the second beta weekend. While it’s not as severe as before, Treyarch might want to look at additional nerfs to ensure the mechanic doesn’t become a crutch for movement purposes. Perhaps shortening the slide duration a tad further could help alleviate the issue.

Are you noticing a sliding problem in Black Ops Cold War? Let us know, and make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty news.

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