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Recently, hacked lobbies have begun to pop up in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. These lobbies don’t have an influx of cheaters or kill players automatically like in months past. Instead, the hacked lobbies give players a max level weapon with one single kill.

The hack appears to work with any weapon that’s usable in Warzone Pacific. This includes Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War and, more importantly, Vanguard guns. The weapons in Vanguard are brand new to Warzone and require several hours to fully rank up to level 60/70. However, players are somehow finding a way around that by producing bugged lobbies that can level up guns fully just by getting one kill with them.

Hacked lobbies in Warzone Pacific rewarding players

The glitched lobbies became publicly known when YouTube streamer Tim “TimTheTatman” John Betar got one kill with his Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle. After he got that kill, a message popped up on-screen that said the weapon was at max level 70.

Other players are reporting the same thing happening to them with different weapons. It also doesn’t seem to matter what type of playlist players enter. The hacked lobbies are seemingly popping up all over Warzone Pacific. However, players are reporting that Plunder has a higher chance to get this bugged lobby.

What’s interesting about the lobbies is that they have no timer, which means the circle doesn’t close in. This is presumably so the hackers can spend as much time as possible getting a single kill with different weapons to fully level them up.

These hacked lobbies present a problem for Vanguard as well as Warzone Pacific. If players fully max out their weapon in Warzone, it translates over to Vanguard. This means that Vanguard players could go into Warzone Pacific, get into one of these lobbies, and fully rank up several weapons without having to ever use them in multiplayer/Zombies.

As of the time of writing, Raven Software has yet to comment on this matter. If the studio does comment, players should see a card pop up on the official Warzone Pacific Trello board.