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On Thursday, developer Raven Software decided to appease the Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific community and revert one of their most controversial decisions. In a new update, the devs made it so loadouts in standard Warzone playlists can be purchased at any time. This change was highly requested by the community, with one streamer, Kris “Swagg” Lamberson of FaZe Clan, going so far as to say he would tattoo his body if the devs reverted the decision. Well, with it happening today, Swagg had to make good on his promise. And did he ever.

Prior to this update, loadouts in Warzone Pacific could only be purchased after the first circle. This took several minutes to happen, leaving players with floor loot for a solid portion of the match. This was a change from Warzone seasons of the past, as players could purchase a loadout from a Buy Station if they had $10,000.

This is the way the developers have returned, leaving players happy and Swagg with a new tattoo.

Swagg tattoos himself for Call of Duty

As specified in his original tweet, Swagg tattooed his right butt cheek with the Raven Software logo after the loadout change went live in Warzone Pacific.

Before the Warzone update officially went live, the official Call of Duty Twitter account poked some fun at Swagg. It tweeted, “Looking for an amazingly talented tattoo artist, any recommendations? Asking for a friend.” The developers then said it was Swagg’s move when the update was officially announced.

While some could have chickened out, Swagg completely went for it. He seemed to have a tattoo artist already lined up, as four hours later he tweeted the picture of his new tattoo.

The loadout change in Warzone Pacific should have a positive impact on the game as a whole. However, it will leave a lasting impact on Swagg forever.

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