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The list of bugs in Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most expansive in all of gaming. Players have discovered a huge number of bugs, both game-breaking and not since the battle royale was released. One of the strangest ones is starting to rear its ugly head in Season 4, though. Apparently, the bug grants players with a level 1,000 account Dark Matter camo for all of their Black Ops Cold War weapons.

The way the bug works has not been confirmed as of yet. However, the current speculation is hackers have something to do with it. Given that Activision hasn’t truly spoken about the cheating issue in weeks, this bug might take longer to get resolved than some players would hope.

Warzone Dark Matter bug relates back to hackers

On July 12, the bug became widespread news thanks to popular Warzone streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff. In a recent stream, Nick came out of a match and was confused when he saw his Cold War weapons with Dark Matter camo. He didn’t grind for the camo like other players, so he had no idea what happened. His account was also level 1,000.

Warzone Dark Matter bug
Nickmercs surprised by his new camo. | Provided by Nickmercs/Twitch

As previously stated, there’s no confirmed method of duplicating the bug. However, many believe that it occurs when a player kills an enemy who is using cheats. Apparently, Warzone then glitches and updates the player’s account due to some strange happenings with the game’s code. The likeliest cause is the game thinks the innocent player is the hacker and gives them the rewards the hacker cheated into the game.

Until Raven Software or Activision comments on the issue, the information and speculation remains unconfirmed. This could become a huge problem in the meantime, however, as innocent players could receive bans for possessing Dark Matter camo or a level 1,000 account that they did not earn. There’s no telling if the developers can distinguish players who are actually cheating from those who were simply affected by the bug.

If players want to keep track of the known bugs in Warzone, they can visit the game’s Trello board.