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The likely final installment for Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, Season 6, now has an official release date of Oct. 7. Earlier today, Call of Duty social media accounts released an intro video and key art for the season.

While this isn’t the end for Warzone’s content updates, as it’s being revamped with Vanguard, the same can’t be said for Cold War. It remains a possibility that Treyarch could continue adding content, like Infinity Ward has done with Modern Warfare in 2021. However, Season 6 is likely the last large update for the game.

Season 6 release date for Warzone and Cold War

The official intro video for Season 6 hints at several storylines. It mainly takes place on Verdansk, with several explosions occurring in the video. It seems that the developers are setting up for the eventual destruction of Verdansk, which will lead into The Pacific map coming with Vanguard in Nov. However, the explosions seemed limited to Stadium in the teaser.

There’s also a familiar face seen within the video. Mason from previous Black Ops titles is making his return in Season 6 as a playable Operator and key figure in the storyline. It seems that he and the heroes are teaming up against Stitch, who set off the explosions in Verdansk, for one final showdown.

It remains to be seen how the developers are planning to transform the story of Warzone. After all, the next installment in the franchise is set in WWII and the new map is located near the Pacific Ocean. Season 6 should bring some clarity with the likely end result being the destruction of Verdansk once and for all.

Activision will release more details on Warzone and Cold War Season 6 as Oct. 7 draws nearer. This includes preload times for both games, the file sizes and a roadmap for the season’s content.