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Riot Games temporarily disabled League of Legends’ newest champion Viego after discovering a game-breaking bug which allowed Viego to one-shot towers and quickly end games.

The Dark Seal stacking bug

Players can no longer pick Viego during Champion Select after a bug made its way onto the rift. Players who paired the Dark Seal item while playing this champion we able one-shot towers and inhibitors. To fix the issue, Riot removed the champion from Champion Select with no notice of when he’ll be back on.

This bug adds to several problems Viego poses, on top of his already-high ban rate. Stacking Dark Seal on Viego allows him to gain an infinite amount of ability power. If a player were to possess an enemy with his passive, Sovereign’s Domination, and die immediately after, Viego comes back with 65,534 stacks on his item. This adds to his AP, making him unstoppable and incredibly powerful. Additionally, this bug also gives him plenty of movement speed, allowing him to teleport anywhere on the map.

Taking advantage of a loophole

For many players who used Viego on ranked solo queue, this bug made it incredibly easy to win games. There’s a possibility the bug began after a bug fix from Patch 11.5. “Viego no longer loses stacks on Mejai’s Soulstealer and Dark Seal when possessing an enemy, and now gains the Mejai’s and Dark Seal’s stacks of the enemies he posses,” the patch notes read. Several Reddit users explained the Dark Seal loophole created after the new patch went live.

According to multiple Twitter complaints, this bug had been live for several hours before Riot took action. Besides a ban-notice on its official website, there’s no word as to how long this will go on, or how Riot plans to fix the issue.

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