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Colin McNeil

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It’s time to find out who had the best and worst in-game name from VALORANT Champions.

This week on Top Tier, we revisited our hot takes from the last time we ranked VALORANT player names, and did it all again for the players who attended the first VALORANT Champions.

Our hosts Tyler “Fionn” Erzberger, Nick Ray and Colin McNeil, as well as guest host and Upcomer writer Danny Appleford, ranked each in-game name, one team at a time. That’s right, there’s no cherry picking on this week’s episode. Our panelists simply had to rank the player name they got stuck with. I’m sure that won’t lead to any disagreements or heated arguments, right?

So, sit back and enjoy as we rank the most catchy and badass names (and the garbage ones too) from the biggest VALORANT tournament to date.

Where will your favorite player’s name end up. Will they be sent to the pantheon or the shadow realm?

Don’t agree with our tier list? Flame us in the YouTube comment section and tweet us your own with tiermaker.com.

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