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Everyone has experienced a soul-crushing, one-sided game in esports that’s left them feeling like trash. Even the pros.

Some of the biggest organizations in esports, like FaZe Clan and Team Liquid, have been on the wrong end of these ugly stomps — with hundreds of thousands of people watching when it happened. This leaves one side feeling like absolute gods and the other wishing they’d paid more attention in school.

Here are the top five one-sided games in esports history.

No. 5: Sub Nine-Min Win

To kick off our top five one-sided games in esports history, we have one of the fastest Dota 2 victories ever. This stomp clocks in at just under nine minutes; less than a quarter of the average game time for competitive professional Dota, according to DatDota.com.

At the World E-sport Championships in 2014, Evil Geniuses and Na’Vi both found themselves in the losers bracket early on in their respective runs. After EG took the first victory in the best-of-three, Na’Vi needed to win back-to-back games to survive and continue.

Did they make the epic comeback? Well, not exactly. Just four minutes into the second game, the casters noted that it would be a quick one. They just didn’t know how quick.

EG drafted an early push comp and boy did they push. After a couple of kills here and there, they bought some items and made a death ball, careening down the mid lane — taking all turrets and heroes who stood in their path before the GG came through. EG went on to win the whole tournament, losing only a single game in their next four series. And, their final victory ended up as another quick banger, lasting just 13 minutes. But nothing was quite as wild as that nine-minute stomp against Na’Vi.

No.4: Shocking Low for Titans

For No. 4, we’re taking you to the San Francisco Shock’s record setting victory over the Vancouver Titans in July of 2020; the fastest match in Overwatch League history.

At the time, the Shock were dominating the league with a record of 17 wins and only two losses. The Titans, on the other hand, had only four wins to their name and were struggling with their identity. It was always supposed to be one-sided but the Shock decided to make it a spectacle.

They loaded into their first map, Busan, winning the first round 100% to just 12%, and the second 100% to 49%. Overall, they were in control more than three times longer than their opposition. In their second map, King’s Row, the Shock started on defense and protected the control point so well that the Titans didn’t get a single tick on their capture meter. Then, when they flipped to offense, the Shock captured the point in less than a minute. In the final map, it was a rinse and repeat, but with a little added spice. The Shock substituted out their new DPS player to put a tank player in an off-role. And, even still, the Titans never once got a point of control in the map.

The whole match lasted only nineteen minutes. That’s less than half the OWL median match length, which is around 50 minutes. It was also a whole three minutes faster than the second fastest match in OWL history.

What the Shock did to the Titans will likely never be matched.

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