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Look, we all do it sometimes. We encounter a toxic teammate, we’re lagging, or we’re just not having a good game, and we experience a moment of rage.

But most of us haven’t made raging our entire career.

Today, we take a look at some of the most iconic and entertaining outbursts from Tyler1. And if at any point you find yourself raging while watching this, maybe smash the Upcomer YouTube subscribe button rather than your keyboard. Who doesn’t love a good Tyler1 rage compilation?

Number Five

Starting us off in the fifth spot we have what appears to be a classic Tyler1 rage clip, complete with distorted audio and a flying monitor.

And though he has been known to break monitors on stream, all is not what it seems with this one.

The whole episode was actually just an act put together with fellow streamer Greekgodx in an effort to bump their viewer growth.

Scripted or not, their plan definitely worked. Well at least for Tyler1. The clip did end up on Live Stream Fails and got a ton of upvotes and comments, and he’s still the top League of Legends streamer on the platform.

Number Four

At number four we have the rage-filled results of a heated 1v1 tournament with a former Riot employee known as Blaustoise. They played a best-of-three, with a mirrored setup, choosing the same runes and masteries each time, kicking it off with Yasuo, Blaustoise’s one-trick champion.

Tyler1 clearly didn’t know Yasuo that well, and despite being Challenger against a Platinum player, he couldn’t grab the win. For their second match, they went with Irelia, a traditional high-skill ceiling champion that’s great for showing off in a 1v1.

For their final match, and the one to decide it all, they chose Katarina, another flashy champ that’s great for showboating. And guess who won the rubber match…

Losing to a Plat player and a Rioter at the same time. Talk about embarrassing.

What to know which moments made our top three? Watch the video above, and head over to Upcomer’s YouTube page to drop a comment.

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