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When it comes esports underdog runs, do you believe in miracles? Well, if you don’t, the teams on our list today might just change your mind. They defied the odds and the shocked us by showing their incredible hidden talent. They made us believe that anything is possible. Get ready for some classic David vs Goliath action because these Cinderellas earned their tickets to the ball. 

These are The Top 5 Esports Underdog Runs That Made Us Believe in Miracles.

Number 5: Acend’s Rise To The Top

To start off our esports underdog runs we’re talking about the Cinderalla run of VALORANT team called Acend.

The European VALORANT Regional Masters tournament in March of 2021 wasn’t what fans expected. Notable teams like G2, Team Liquid, Fnatic and Team Vitality all fell during the Challengers stage, meaning that Heretics, FPX and NiP were the heavy favorites going in. Not many people had even heard of Acend, a team formerly known as Raise Your Edge that formed just 56 days before Masters. And despite being demoted into the lower bracket of the Group Stages after losing to NiP, they took down every single team that stood in their way, including the best of the best in Europe.

After taking revenge on NiP, Acend eliminated FPX and eventually beat the First Strike winners Heretics in an incredible best of five to secure the title.

Number 4: Team Liquid Putting NA League of Legends On The Map

Out of the four major regions at International League of Legends events, North America has always traditionally been regarded as the weakest. This was no different at the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational. Team Liquid were the sole representatives and despite having one of the strongest NA rosters of all time, not many expected them to get past the semi-finals.

The likes of G2, SKT and Invictus Gaming were in attendance. Team Liquid shockingly fell to Flash Wolves on the first day of the Main Event but a much needed win over G2 in the Group Stages saw them scrape into the Semis to face IG – the Chinese super team that had already beaten TL twice in Groups. But that’s when Team Liquid absolutely stunned the world and did the unthinkable. With all of NA behind them and armed with pure determination, CoreJJ led his team to a 3-1 victory over IG, causing the single biggest upset at MSI and TL became the first and only North American team to have ever made it into an International League of Legends final.

Number 3: EZ4ENCE

AT number three we have the Finnish CS:GO team who stole everyone’s hearts at the IEM Katowice Major in 2019, ENCE. 

Going into the first Major of 2019, the Danish juggernaut of Astralis were in prime form. They had their eyes set on their third Major title, with the likes of Team Liquid and Na’Vi predicted to meet them in the finals. But no one could have foreseen the team that ended up being their biggest challengers… Finnish underdogs ENCE. Under the leadership of 20-year-old aleksib, ENCE had to play through a Minor qualifier as well as both the New Challengers and New Legends stage before they reached the playoffs.

That’s a lot of hurdles to trip over. From there, they defied all odds and took down both Team Liquid and Na’Vi to reach their first and only ever Major final. Even though they couldn’t complete the miracle run by beating Astralis, every CS:GO fan will forever have a place in their hearts for ENCE.

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