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They were a dominant force in their first season as a franchise, they set the Overwatch League record for most consecutive wins and they nearly won it all. But after less than a year, the Vancouver Titans completely collapsed.

The incredible roster that reached the Overwatch Grand Finals, left scattered. And their replacements came nowhere close to matching their results. They went from a top team to one of the Overwatch League’s worst performers the following season.

Alleged issues with player accommodation, player salaries, and lack of a team training facility led to an unprecedented entire roster change mid-season, kickstarting a dramatic and swift fall from grace.

From RunAway to the OWL, here is The Rise and Fall of the Vancouver Titans.


Our story begins years before the Vancouver Titans even existed, with a South Korean Overwatch team called RunAway. A team with an incredible journey in their own right.

Funded by YouTuber and streamer couple Runner and Flowervin, the team was financially stretched. Few big name sponsors, star players leaving for bigger orgs and no team facility. At least in the early days.

Despite this, the team often punched above their weight in the Korean Overwatch APEX tournament where they primarily competed. But RunAway were all too often runners up.

Hear the whole story by watching the video above, or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

Full disclosure: The Vancouver Titans’ parent company, Enthusiast Gaming, also owns Upcomer.

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