The Rise and Fall of ENCE — How CS:GO's Meme Team F@!ked it All Up
the rise and fall of ence

Video: The Rise and Fall of ENCE — How CS:GO’s beloved meme team f@!ked it all up

It's not EZ4ENCE anymore
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Remember ENCE? The Finnish Counter-Strike team whose lack of success gave birth to the ironic and legendary meme, EZ4ENCE?

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At their highest point, ENCE were undoubtedly one of the best Counter-Strike teams in the world. But, for over half a decade before that, they never won premier events. Their lack of success even turned them into a living meme. For years, ENCE remained an underdog side that fans rooted for. Finally, a young, hungry and unsuspecting roster brought the organization greatness.

Suddenly, the Finnish side were winning trophies and dominating world-class opposition. But their moment in the limelight didn’t last. After a controversial roster change, ENCE were once again struggling to make headway in small Counter-Strike events.

ENCE’s fall from grace was just as rapid as their rise. So, let’s open up the archives and tell one of the most wholesome and dramatic stories the wonderful game of Counter-Strike has ever given us.

The Rise

Founded in April of 2013, ENCE were created to bring Counter-Strike success back to the nation of Finland. But, despite constant roster changes, the org never amounted to much. For five years, this was ENCE’s story. They never qualified for a major, never went deep into the bracket at a premier event and had few tournament victories at any level. But ENCE were still beloved by fans.

Experience The Rise and Fall of ENCE by watching the video above or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

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