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Charlie Howard

Yovcho Yovchev

Colin McNeil

Adam Fitzsimmons


During the inception of League of Legends as an esport, Counter Logic Gaming quickly became the number one team in North America and perhaps even the world. As the esport flourished in popularity, so did the level of competition. Korean and Chinese teams would soon dominate the global scene. In North American, Counter Logic Gaming would be dethroned by a new organization, one they had a bitter rivalry with — Team Solo Mid.

Although Counter Logic Gaming couldn’t win a single event for years, they would eventually reclaim their status as the kings of North American League of Legends.

However, their reign as the region’s best was brief.

While competitors surged forward, Counter Logic Gaming fell by the wayside and deteriorated to the point where competitively, they became a shadow of their former selves. This is the story of an organization whose glory days now seem like a distant memory.

This is The Rise and Fall of CLG League of Legends.

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Hear the whole story by watching the video above, or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

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