Video: The Rise and Fall of Brax – From CS:GO to VALORANT
The Rise and Fall of Brax banned from CS:GO rising in Valorant (Brax CS:GO)

Video: The Rise and Fall of Brax — Banned in CS:GO, Resurrected in VALORANT

Experience Brax's entire journey, from CS:GO prodigy to first in VALORANT
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Braxton “Brax” Pierce was, at one point, widely considered to be among North America’s most promising up-and-coming Counter-Strike (CS:GO) talents.

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He was young, mechanically gifted and one of the region’s future hopes for one day winning a Major, the pinnacle of competition in CS:GO.

But before he could realize his potential, the young prodigy was banned from competing at the highest level of the game he loved — unable to accomplish the heights, that at one point, seemed an inevitability.

But then, a new opportunity presented itself. Riot Games’ brightly colored, explosive entry into the FPS genre: VALORANT. And Brax himself is at the helm of this budding new esport.

The bright, bombastic style might contrast with the dusty, toned down Counter-Strike, but the mechanics are extremely similar making Riot’s tactical shooter a beacon of hope for CS:GO’s lost sons.

Brax’s future in competitive esports now has an aura of optimism to it. A glow of endless possibility where once there were limits. It’s a future where he can be the author in this brand new chapter of his esports career.

Experience his entire journey, from Brax as CS:GO prodigy to VALORANT veteran, in the first installment of Upcomer’s Rise and Fall video series.

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