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Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom was once one of Counter-Strike’s most frightening talents.

He was a mechanical god, he possessed aim like no other, and he could find a headshot in a heartbeat. ScreaM was supposed to be a Counter-Strike god, but he didn’t reach the heights that many expected of him.

And when his career looked to be winding down, VALORANT allowed him to hit the reset button. And now, The Headshot Machine is back at the top.

This is The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of ScreaM.

The early years in Counter-Strike

In early 2010 the French Counter-Strike scene had a new prodigy, a 15-year-old aim god named ScreaM. As the esport began to transition into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, ScreaM earned a spot on VeryGames in early 2013. There he began picking up top tier LAN experience, and showing that even against the highest caliber opposition, his pinpoint accuracy was still something to be feared.

His outright aggression, complete faith in his aim and willingness to take every gunfight made him an instant star. Quite simply, fans loved watching ScreaM create frag movies in real time. And for his enemies, ScreaM was arguably the last player on Earth you’d want aiming your way as you peaked around a corner.

With ScreaM taking heads left, right and centre, VeryGames were taking home big titles throughout 2013, even finishing in the top four at the first CS:GO major championship, DreamHack Winter 2013. Despite having only three years of professional experience, the headshot machine ended the year as HLTV’s 7th best player in the world.

But ScreaM was just getting started.

Experience The Rise Again of ScreaM by watching the video above or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

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