Video: Ranking Every Esports Trophy From Best to Worst | Top Tier Ep.21
Ranking Every Esports Trophy

Video: Ranking Every Esports Trophy From Best to Worst | Top Tier Ep.21

This week on Top Tier, we’re ranking some of the most iconic esports trophies.

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Have you ever had the feeling that some of your favorite esports might not have the best trophies for their champions? Sure, we all love the Summoner Cup, but have you ever taken a close look at it? There is so much extra detail carved into the sides that gets lost in the overall silverware. And while no one can dispute how iconic the trophy is, it’s hard to say whether it could be considered beautiful.

Then, on the opposite side of the esports trophy spectrum, there’s the Rainbow Six Invitational hammer. Perhaps it’s not as well recognized as something like the Summoner Cup, and esports fans might not even know it exists unless they follow professional Rainbow Six. That being said, this trophy is the perfect embodiment of Rainbow Six esports. It’s creation was based off of one of the original operators’ utility kit. Sledge uses a tactical breaching hammer to smash through walls and barriers. So, using this hammer as the trophy for the biggest tournament in the game just feels perfect.

From the kind of hardware that feels truly worthy of esports glory to cups we wouldn’t take home if you paid us, these are the best and worst esports trophies, ranked.

Join Nick Ray and guest panelists Parkes Ousley, Danny Appleford and Coby Zucker as they take this tier list way too seriously.

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