Is TenZ the Best Valorant Player on the Planet?! | Showstopper Ep. 4
Is TenZ the Best Valorant Player in the World

Video: Is TenZ the Best Valorant Player in the World?! Breaking Down VCT Masters 2 With RyanCentral | Showstopper Ep. 4

VALORANT analyst RyanCentral breaks down VCT Masters 2, from the best players to the biggest disappointments
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Is TenZ the best VALORANT Player in the World? That’s the question the Showstopper crew put to VALORANT analyst RyanCentral on our special post-VCT Masters 2 show.

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VALORANT’s first international LAN has come to an end, and North America has all the regional bragging rights with Sentinels taking the crown at the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters after seven days of grueling competition. One person who has been waiting on the sidelines to gloat is our very own Tyler “Fionn” Erzberger, who gave his undying support for the NA VALORANT team throughout Masters.

On this week’s special episode of Showstopper, joining our resident NA cheerleader and EU co-host Yinsu Collins, VCT caster and analyst RyanCentral will be breaking down everything that happened from the first-ever international VALORANT LAN event. 

The trio will be roasting Yinsu and Tyler’s original tier lists heading into the tournament to see just how right, or wrong, their expectations and opinions were on the 10  participating teams. They will also be weighing in on some all-important Upcomer VALORANT awards and debating whether Sentinels’ star fragger Tyson “TenZ” Ngo can be considered as the best player in the world. 

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