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Some of the most memorable moments in esports came from some very… devious plays. Whether it’s a seriously sneaky ninja defuse in CS:GO or VALORANT, or one of the greatest baits in Dota 2 history, these epic maneuvers left their opponents dazed, confused, and holding one massive L.

Number 5: Nachitt 1v3 Ninja Defuse

VALORANT hasn’t even been out for a whole year, but this play from the LATAM Challengers is one for the ages.

In February 2021, Feint Gaming’s Nachitt pulled off an incredible ninja defuse against Stampede. Normally when you’re caught in a 1v3 post-plant, the wise thing to do is to hide somewhere and save that Operator. However, the Argentinian player is way too big brained for that. He skillfully hides in the back corner on B site and allows his opponents to simply walk past him. Most of us in this position would try to get a few frags before eventually being put down by the other team. Nachitt on the other hand had a better idea.

He silently heads back to A site where Stampede had already planted the spike. Within moments of reaching the spike, Nachitt begins the ninja defuse while the other team is halfway across the map. Moments later Nachitt clutches out the round leaving his opponents stunned, and a devious grin across his face.

Number 4: Snax the Sneaky Beast

The number four entry on our list is a true display of the old saying “patience is a virtue”, well in this case, patience is a Virtus.Pro… Quickly moving on!

Snax played for Virtus.Pro back in 2014. One of the most memorable moments in CS:GO that year took place at the grand finals of the EMS One Katowice Major.

Virtus.Pro were 12-7 up on the first map of the final vs NIP. During the 20th round, Virtus.Pro found themselves in a 4v3. Snax was isolated from the rest of his team and he decided to pull a truly devious esports play. He managed to find his way behind the two of NIP’s players and executes a perfect sneak attack, giving his opponents no time to react or respond. His ninja-like skills secured the round for VP, eventually helping them bring home a Major trophy.

Number 3: The Roshan Bait

You don’t have to be a fan of Dota 2 to have heard of this historically devious esports play. No Tidehunter’s famous Roshan bait scenario vs EG is one for the ages.

During the finals of DreamHack Winter 2012, No TideHunter were the clear underdogs. They desperately needed to gain an advantage over their opponents Evil Geniuses. They decided to lay down the most iconic trap in the history of Dota 2.

No TideHunter’s Admiralbulldog purposely died to Roshan, to set up an incredible bait play. The death at level 1 caused EG to come investigate what had happened to Admiralbulldog. When they arrived the entire No Tidehunter goon squad was ready to meet them for a early-game bloodbath in their favor.

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