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On this week’s episode of Top Tier, our panel of humans ranked every League of Legends Worlds song.

With the recent release of the Worlds 2021 song “Burn It All Down,” we decided it was the perfect time for the best tier list show in esports to rank every Worlds song ever made.

These songs have come a long way since “Warriors,” the first Worlds song, was released in September of 2014 by Imagine Dragons. The anthems have become something that League of Legends and esports fans across the world look forward to every year. The League of Legends Worlds songs become increasingly more creative and grandiose than the last. For example, the 2019 Worlds song “Phoenix” included actual League of Legends players in the music video and it transitioned, back and forth, between animated scenes and live-action; something that hadn’t been done in previous videos.

To make sure each song was fresh in our panelists minds, we had the team listen to each Worlds song before ranking them. Of course, due to copyright concerns, we had to dub over those songs with some nice royalty-free elevator music.

So, sit back and enjoy as everyone’s favorite esports panel ranks the past seven years of Worlds songs from best to worst. Oh, and fair warning, you may be in for a shock when you see what makes it in the top three picks.

Don’t agree with our tier list? Flame us in the YouTube comment section and tweet us your own with tiermaker.com.

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