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In early 2016, Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp’s Twitch channel was exploding in popularity. But this supremely talented Solo Queue player was just as controversial as he was popular. He quickly became the face of toxicity in League of Legends and, although his fanbase was steadily climbing, not everyone was on board with antagonism being celebrated.

This is the Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Tyler1.

In 2014, Tyler1 climbed his way to Challenger for the first time; the game’s highest rank exclusive to the top 200 players in his region of North America. Despite his ELO ranking, Tyler1 wasn’t your try-hard, ultra serious player. His initial small fan base on Twitch in 2016 would witness not only elite level play, but a level of hyper-aggression you don’t often find in players at Challenger tier.

He’d unleash fits of pure rage, break headsets and even go as far as throwing games. Tyler1 would main Draven. A niche Champion to use in such high tier lobbies, whose in-game lore is that of a cocky, shit-talking warrior — a personality somewhat resembling what you’d witness on a Tyler1 stream. 

And when things in-game didn’t go his way, it got ugly. Tyler1 would instantly run it down mid and int. Repeatedly getting himself killed in order to gift the enemy team an unfair amount of gold and experience just to spite his teammates. These antics were so extreme that Tyler1 created an int list of players who’d triggered him in the past, so that he’d be ready to run it down mid if and when he queued up with them again.

But, little did Tyler1 know, his time playing League of Legends was about to end.

Experience The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Tyler1 by watching the video above or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

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