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What are some of the dumbest esports tweets ever? Look, we’ve all made poor decisions online at some point or another. And we’ve all tweeted things that came back to bite us in the butt. But esports pros are some of the worst offenders out there.

For instance, publicly announcing you have no interest in participating in a trade your team just made. Or, how about tweeting that you’ve decided to bench yourself because your team sucks?

So before you hit that send button, why not take a second to ask yourself: “Does the world really need to see this?”

These are five of the dumbest esports posts of all time.

Dumbest Esports Tweets No. 5

To start off our list of the dumbest esports posts of all time, at no. 5 we have this lovely little Tweet from the Immortals’ social media manager Portilho that cost him his job. Just three missing words was all it took. “You’ll prove it or….”

But what does it mean?

A couple weeks before his vague Tweet, two Immortals CS:GO players got in trouble for showing up late to two playoff matches, including the grand finals. After the second offense, the coach of an opposing team tweeted that these players were late because they were hungover. Immortals player kng then tweeted “Prove it or I’ll kill you!”

So, that phrase that Portilho responded to a joke Tweet with was alluding to his former player’s death threat. That didn’t fly with Immortals and he was fired for the now famous copy-pasta.

Luckily for Portilho, he was almost immediately picked up by Cloud9 to help with their social team. A few years later, he’d moved up the ladder. He now operates as C9’s Brand Ambassador. Fair warning, this is the only bad esports Tweet with a happy ending.

Dumbest Esports Tweets No. 4

Our no. 4 entry is certainly one of the dumbest esports posts ever. Meteos, the longtime NA star jungler, got himself tangled up in a web of half-truths.

In the spring of 2018, 100 Thieves made it all the way to the LCS Finals in their inaugural split. But the team wasn’t looking so hot that summer. Only a few weeks in, Meteos was traded to FlyQuest. But, rather than finding out through official team statements, the fans hopped aboard an awkward Twitter rollercoaster ride.

Meteos claimed that he had no idea he was to be traded. It seemed like the sort of reactionary Tweet done in the heat of the moment. But, the next day, 100 Thieves announced that Meteos himself had requested being traded the week before. They even decided to swap him out together as a team.

Meteos deleted the Tweet, but it seems he didn’t really learn his lesson. Two years later, he did the very same thing.

After a year on Optic Gaming, Meteos returned to 100 Thieves. Three weeks into the summer split, he had yet another Twitter nightmare. He later left the team and hasn’t been picked up since.

Dumbest Esports Tweets No. 3

At no. three, we have this incredible foot-eating moment caught in 4K — a Tweet from which legendary AD Carry, Forg1ven, who will likely never recover.

Before all this though, Forg1ven had been perhaps the greatest League player in Europe around 2017. However, he was forced to retire in his prime to fulfill mandatory military service. After two years, he finished his service and announced that he wanted to return to the LEC and Schalke picked him up for the 2020 season. Just a few weeks into the season, Schalke was 0-6. And that’s when Forg1ven tweeted this, essentially saying that he was benching himself because the org refused to kick his bad teammates.

But here’s the thing. After Forg1ven was benched, the team started winning! Two days after he was replaced, they even took down the legendary G2 Esports.

Fans very quickly memed Forg1ven, but that’s not the worst that came of his decision to hit send on that Tweet. He may have also doomed his entire career. A player with a history like Forg1ven’s would almost certainly be picked up again, even after one shaky split. But his clear arrogance was too much and everyone has passed on the greek god since.

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