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The fifth day of VALORANT Champions Tour Masters 2: Reykjavík saw three high-seed series with Version1, Fnatic, Team Liquid, Team Vikings, Sentinels and NUTURN. At its conclusion, just four remain. Version1 was unable to overcome the tight loss the day before and fell out of the tournament, while Team Liquid continues their run through the lower bracket. Sentinels reached the grand final as many expected.

VCT Masters 2 continues May 29 where the final three battle for the second grand final spot.

Fnatic ends Version1’s VCT Masters 2 dream

After being just a single map win away from reaching the upper grand final on day four, Version1 dropped to the lower bracket to meet Fnatic on day five. On the first map, like every single map that V1 played in the tournament before, they managed to reach the 12-point mark. But at match point, they failed to close out the map once more. They allowed Fnatic to bring the map to overtime and lost it 12-14. It was V1’s fourth overtime loss at VCT Masters 2. Standout player for Fnatic was Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev, who looked unstoppable with a 382 ACS and a 34/19 KD.

In map two, Derke continued his rampage. Where map one was close, Fnatic made perfect use of Version1’s tilt in the second. There was visual frustration on the player cams as V1 failed to get the entries they wanted. Fnatic made quick work of the map and sent V1 home 13-6.

“Came here w/ a standin and played a lot of the best teams in the world close. Sucks it ended the way it did but it was a valuable learning experience thanks for all of the support,” Version1’s Vanity tweeted.

Team Liquid shuts down Team Vikings

The second series of the day was a slightly faster ordeal. Team Vikings ran an unusual comp including Yoru, but it did not work out for the Brazilians. Adil “Scream” Benrlitom continued to show off his battle Sage, while Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen is back on track at being an exceptional Jett. The latter finished the series with a 41/18 KD. A 13-8 and 13-5 scoreline in map one and two respectively made the series a short one.

Team Vikings was expected to do well at VCT Masters 2, but ultimately failed to impress. Team Liquid had a rough start, but seemed to have regained themselves somewhat. However, Fnatic awaits them in the lower bracket semi-final, and Liquid will have to pull out all the stops in order to take them down.

Sentinels take out NUTURN to reach the grand final

Since the start of VCT Masters 2, Sentinels have looked nigh unstoppable. With a 2-0 victory in every series, Sentinels were the favorites going into the upper final. NUTURN had struggled their way through Version1 the day before in a three game series including two overtimes, but it proved that they can perform under pressure.

Sentinels’ pressure was too much for them. NUTURN lost on Bind 13-5 and Haven was even worse with 13-4. So far, Sentinels have not looked threatened by anyone. Fnatic came fairly close in their first match-up of the tournament (13-11 and 13-10), but even if they had a rematch in the grand final, they would have to turn it up several notches in order to pose a challenge.

NUTURN will play the winner of Fnatic and Team Liquid in the lower bracket final on May 29.