VCT Masters 2, Day 3: Sentinels remain undefeated
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VCT Masters 2, Day 3: Sentinels remain undefeated

X10 and KRÜ Esports showcase what they're capable of to remain alive
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Day three of VALORANT Champions Tour Masters 2: Reykjavík saw the first two teams exit the tournament. Crazy Raccoon and Sharks Esports said goodbye to the first international tournament after losing to X10 and KRÜ Esports respectively. Alongside two teams exiting the tournament, North America continued their reign of terror after Sentinels defeated Team Vikings.

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Despite the best efforts from both Brazilian teams, neither were able to pull out a win against their opponents. Masters 2 is now without Sharks Esports and Team Vikings will be next on the chopping block in the lower bracket. Whoever wins the matchup against Team Liquid and KRÜ Esports will be the next opponent for Team Vikings.

VCT Masters 2 continues May 27 with Version1 vs. NUTURN Gaming as the first game and ends with Team Liquid vs. KRÜ Esports.

X10 send Crazy Racoon home

X10 had little success in their debut match against Team Vikings on May 25. Despite their match against the Brazilians being close, X10 was still unable to take a map away. They eventually lost 2-0 after a 13-11 loss on Icebox and a 14-12 loss on Ascent. The storyline was turned in the favor of X10 when they faced a winless Crazy Racoon in the lower bracket.

Haven, picked by X10, fell out of favor of Crazy Racoons after X10 went on a five-round win streak to bring them to 7-2. This lead slowly began to dwindle as Crazy Racoons answered with the remaining three rounds of the half to bring the score to 7-5. The two-round differences didn’t last long as the Thai team went on another five-game win streak to bring them to match point. Crazy Racoon attempted to fight back but ultimately lost Haven 13-9.

Icebox also had Crazy Racoon and X10 close at the half at, 5-7, with X10 taking a two-round lead again. Unlike Haven, X10 did not allow Crazy Racoons a single map in the second half, going on an eight-round win streak to close Icebox out 13-5. X10’s Patiphan “Patiphan” Chaiwong was the MVP of the series after going a staggering 42/26 while playing Jett and Viper.

KRÜ Esports come back from FNATIC loss

KRÜ Esports wasn’t happy with their showcase on Masters 2 day one against FNATIC. The European powerhouse dismantled the Latin American qualified team 2-0. However, against Sharks Esports, KRÜ Esports were the ones who did the dismantling.

Icebox, picked by KRÜ Esports, initially went the way of Sharks, who took the first two rounds of the match. Those would be the only two rounds that Sharks would get in the first half as KRÜ Esports went on a ten-round win streak afterward. With an eight-round lead at the half, KRÜ Esports was able to quickly finish the game off 13-5.

Bind was a similar story, but showcased more of what Sharks Esports had demonstrated in their debut match against NUTURN Gaming. The half brought KRÜ Esports the lead at 7-5 after a back and forth first few rounds. KRÜ kept their momentum into the second half, eventually taking the game 13-6 to close out the series 2-0. Roberto “Mazino” Rivas was the MVP of the matchup after going 34/23 on Viper for both maps.

Sentinels bring North America one step closer to Masters 2 Final

Sentinels moved on to the upper bracket final after their decisive win over first-seeded Brazilian roster Team Vikings. Despite North America’s lack of performance internationally in other esports, Sentinels are rewriting the scripts so far at Masters 2.

Icebox, picked by Team Vikings, was a back-and-forth between the two teams. Sentinels eventually came out victorious by two rounds, making it 7-5 at the half. While the first half had been close, the second half was not. A five-round win streak put Sentinels on map point and eventually had them closing the game out at 13-7.

Haven, picked by Sentinels, instantly went the way of the North Americans after a dominant 7-0 opening. They finished the half 10-2 after Team Vikings managed to string together two rounds. That dominance carried into the second half where Sentinels continued to run through the Brazilians to take map one 13-6. With their 13-6 win over Vikings, Sentinels move on to survive another round in the upper bracket. Tyson “TenZ” Ngo continues to be North America’s saving grace, going 40/22 on Reyna and Jett to claim Sentinels’ MVP of the series for Masters 2 day three.

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