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On Thursday, Sledgehammer Games pushed out a new update in Call of Duty: Vanguard that stated the “Silent Plant” was now a usable option in the Vanguard CDL ruleset settings for Search and Destroy. This ruleset is exclusively used in private matches, where competitive players play most of their matches. While the Silent Plant feature now works, having it enabled severely breaks Search and Destroy.

Apparently, the Silent Plant feature, which works with both plants and defuses, was discovered to crash the game if players shoot the person planting or defusing the bomb. This isn’t a small one-time crash, either. If an enemy shoots you while planting or defusing the bomb, that match of Search and Destroy must be restarted. Players previously complained about the glitch in Search and Destroy which forced plants and defuses to not be silent for enemies. However, the current bug ravaging Search and Destroy seems a much more frustrating problem.

This game-breaking bug comes one day before the Call of Duty League 2022 season begins. The online qualifier matches for the Stage 1 Major start on Friday and continue throughout the weekend.

The Search and Destroy crashing bug in Vanguard

The bug happens, without fail, if players enable Silent Plant in the CDL ruleset settings. This setting is enabled by default and must be disabled in order to stop the bug. Players can see the bug in action below.

This crash affects every player in the lobby. The host must physically end the match to stop the crash. This makes Search and Destroy unplayable in its current state. Tournament site GameBattles tweeted out that players need to physically change the CDL settings themselves if they want to play a match of S&D right now.

There’s no telling how this bug affects the start of the 2022 CDL season on Friday. The most basic answer may be for pros to play with Silent Plant disabled. However, that is exactly what they didn’t want to do prior to the online qualifiers starting. Time will tell whether the league postpones the matches but, as of right now, they remain as scheduled.

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