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Sub Pens is one of seventeen multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Vanguard and a redesign from a map of the same name that was released back in World At War. Players initially were confused by its layout, as Sub Pens features several different levels, but it’s become a playable map in multiplayer. That might not last long, though, as players have found a possibly game-breaking map exploit on Sub Pens.

Shortly after Vanguard launched, another exploit was discovered on the map. Luckily, it didn’t seem like many players took advantage of it. This new exploit has received a fair amount of attention on social media, however.

Sub Pens map exploit in Vanguard

The first map exploit discovered on Sub Pens involved players doing some jumps to get into a glitched spot. It watched a high-traffic area but players were fairly close to the ground, allowing enemies to shoot them if they were killed by a player using the exploit. With the new glitched spot, players can’t even see enemies who are taking advantage of it.

Watch out for this one on sub pens
byu/dvo94 inCODVanguard

The reddit post, showcasing the glitch, has received nearly 700 upvotes. The post shows a player being killed by an enemy using the exploit, which sees them extremely high up on the map. It’s unclear how that player got into that position but it doesn’t appear like they can be killed.

Luckily, the spot only seems to be able to watch one spot on Sub Pens. Still, in a match of Blitz on the map, a player using the exploit, could rack up a fair amount of kills if they don’t move.

Sledgehammer Games has yet to comment on the new map exploit. Hopefully, they can take action before too many players begin figuring out how to perform the exploit.