Vanguard players are upset by the lack of Season 4 multiplayer content
Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 4
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Vanguard players are upset by the lack of Season 4 multiplayer content

Vanguard is not receiving as much attention as Warzone

The official Season 4 roadmap for both Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone was released by Activision yesterday alongside a blog post that highlighted some smaller changes coming with the new season, but these were mostly related to Warzone. In fact, that was seemingly the intended trend with the Season 4 roadmap;  as Vanguard fans have noticed, there’s a shocking lack of content coming to multiplayer in Season 4.

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Vanguard Season 4 has almost no multiplayer content

As of right now, there’s only a single map, two weapons, and one new game mode coming to Vanguard multiplayer on June 22. There’s also some paid content, like new Operators and the premium Battle Pass, but both this content and the two new weapons are shared with Warzone as well. As far as exclusively Vanguard multiplayer goes, there’s just a new map and game mode. The game’s new map is USS Texas 1945, a reimagining of the map from developer Sledgehammer Games’ previous franchise entry, Call of Duty: WWII.

This is by far the smallest amount of content players have seen for Call of Duty multiplayer since Activision adopted a free seasonal model in 2019’s Modern Warfare. As such, fans of Vanguard are upset over the lack of content they’re receiving, especially when compared to Warzone. To compare, Warzone is receiving an entirely new map, an updated version of the Caldera map, six new features, including the EMP Grenade, and four game modes. This is along with the new weapons and Battle Pass also coming to Vanguard.

The drastic gap between content is surprising, even though Vanguard’s popularity has dipped significantly. YouTuber TheXclusiveAce published a video sharing his negative thoughts about how Vanguard multiplayer is seemingly being left behind with four months still left in its life cycle.

XclusiveAce’s viewpoints are shared by a majority of the Vanguard community as well. A popular thread on the Vanguard subreddit has fans voicing their disdain for the Season 4 roadmap, with one fan saying “Only 2 maps again. It feels like they really aren’t putting much effort into Vanguard anymore.” Other fans echoed this sentiment, with some saying Vanguard hasn’t been given the same attention as Warzone since it was launched. “They weren’t putting much into vanguard to begin with. Warzone is the baby. I use Vanguard basically to level up weapons easily.”

According to current rumors, Vanguard will only have five seasons instead of the usual six, a rumor which is certainly backed up by the amount of content coming in the new season. If that rumor holds, then the attention will quickly turn to Modern Warfare II when September comes around, which is one month before it’s scheduled to launch on October 28.
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