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Since Call of Duty: Vanguard launched, there’s only been one round of weapon balancing in multiplayer. That round was solely focused on the shotguns, however, as they were severely overpowered. The next pass at nerfing and buffing weapons doesn’t have a date yet, but a good number of vocal players on Reddit and social media would like the developers to give a buff to the sniper rifles in Vanguard.

Ideally for these players, the buff would be centered around the mobility of the three sniper rifles in multiplayer. Sledgehammer Games designed them to be slower than in years past, as they feature snail-like aim-down-sights speeds.

Sniper rifles at the center of buff talks in Vanguard community

In Vanguard, sniper rifles have an ADS time of around 600 milliseconds. This is dreadfully slow when considering that some guns in Vanguard, like the STEN, can kill players in just over 100 milliseconds.

Players on Reddit voiced their frustrations with the discrepancy between the time to kill of some guns and ADS speed of snipers. One Redditor showed off a clip of themselves on Shipment getting hit markers on upper-body shots while being killed multiple times before the zoom animation finished.

“‘Snipers are in a good place right now and should only be usable by the best players’ you guys really need a reality check lmao,” the Redditor wrote. The post has 812 comments so far.

"Snipers are in a good place right now and should only be usable by the best players" you guys really need a reality check lmao from CODVanguard

This wasn’t just a case of bad aim, either. The amount of hitmarkers players can get while using a sniper, even the Kar98k, is staggering to some players. One player voiced their opinion over one specific attachment that’s required for a camo challenge on the Kar98k. The magazine attachment reduces damage and makes the Kar98k a two-shot kill in Hardcore modes. They summed up their frustrations with a simple statement: “You get FREAKING HITMARKERS.”

Players all over social media are requesting a buff for the snipers in the damage and ADS departments specifically. Whether Sledgehammer will grant their wish is another discussion, but snipers could certainly at least a look in the next Vanguard update.