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Over the weekend, a reputable Call of Duty: Vanguard leaker hinted at a weapon that might be coming with Season 2. The weapon, known as the Chauchat, is a classic World War II gun that’s been featured in many other shooters from the era. This includes Sledgehammer Games’ previous Call of Duty title, WWII.

However, the leaker did not offer any insight into which version of the weapon Vanguard could see.

The Chauchat is primarily a light machine gun. This is what it was in CoD WWII as well. The Vanguard leaker tweeted out an image of the weapon in its LMG form, which leads players to believe that’s what’s coming whenever the new season and updates release. It also makes sense since Vanguard has not seen an LMG come to the game post-launch. That said, discussions on Reddit and Twitter broke out over whether or not the Chauchat could arrive in a different form.

The Chauchat could come with Vanguard Season 2

One of the more unique aspects about the Chauchat is that it could previously essentially turn into several different weapons based on what attachments players equip. The leaker who first tweeted the image of the Chauchat, @TheMW2Ghost, didn’t go into any detail about the Chauchat could bring to the table, though. Just based on Vanguard’s extensive gunsmith, however, the Chauchat could be able to transform depending on what attachments are used.

TheMW2Ghost hasn’t offered any information on when the Chauchat could release in Vanguard. While Season 2 is the easiest conclusion, there’s also the Season 1 Reloaded update to think about. This secondary update has become a mainstay for Call of Duty seasons, introducing a second round of content.

Activision has not confirmed whether or not the Reloaded updates will make a return in Vanguard. If they do, though, players should look out for the Chauchat possibly releasing. If it does come with the Reloaded update, players will unlock it through a weapon challenge in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. Conversely, if it comes with the start of Season 2, it will likely be unlocked through the Battle Pass.

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