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Prior to Season 1 of Call of Duty: Vanguard launching, multiplayer had a huge issue with the number of grenades being thrown. More specifically, the fire grenades in Vanguard were an issue. The Thermite and Molotov both feature a fire element and maps would be riddled with their effects at all times. Then, Season 1 launched and introduced the Incendiary Grenade, which essentially is a more lethal combination of the Thermite and Molotov. With this new fire grenade in the fold, Vanguard players are now demanding a counter to them.

Vanguard players calling for counter to fire grenades

Currently, there is no counter to stop fire damage in Vanguard. If players are hit with a fire grenade or walk into its effects, they’ll be highly damaged. This problem is exacerbated on maps like Das Haus, Dome and Shipment. Players will spawn in and immediately be surrounded by fire.

This has led some fans to call for Sledgehammer Games to introduce a counter to stop this from happening. The request, which originated on Reddit, is for the developers to design a fire protection perk, which would allow fans to either be shielded from all fire damage or take significantly less damage from it.

This game needs a fire resistant perc of some form
byu/trapdave inCODVanguard

The Reddit user is asking for a new fire protection perk or an added benefit to the current Dauntless perk in Vanguard: “Either add fire resistance post initial explosion from all lethal grenades to Dauntless. Or make an entirely new perk that’s 90% fire resistant.”

The original poster also wondered about Trophy Systems, which is a missing piece of Vanguard. Trophy Systems are a tactical piece of equipment that stops all grenades from exploding if they’re in close enough proximity. Casual and professional players alike have pleaded with the developers to introduce a Trophy System due to the grenade spam in Vanguard.

At this point, Sledgehammer has not commented on adding any fire protection perk or the Trophy System in multiplayer. Perhaps a future season will introduce these requests but, for now, players in the Ship Haus 24/7 playlist will have to deal with the constant fire grenades.

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