Vanguard developers respond to fan concerns over matchmaking times
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Vanguard developers respond to fan concerns over matchmaking times

No fix yet, but the development team is aware of the problem

During the past week, Call of Duty: Vanguard players have experienced nearly doubled multiplayer matchmaking times following the Season 3 Reloaded update. While the issue is not resolved, the developers at Sledgehammer Games have made fans aware that they are working on a fix.

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A recent update in Season 3 Reloaded removed the “Assault” option from the Combat Pacing feature and reworked how the “Tactical” and “Blitz” Combat Pacing options work on some maps as well. The intention of this rework was to give players a more balanced experience in terms of player count on each map and team.

However, it seems this inadvertently caused the matchmaking in Vanguard to go up in smoke. Players have reported they’ve sometimes waited up to five minutes to find a single public match lobby. To make matters worse, Vanguard public lobbies disband after each match, so players often times have to wait another five minutes to find a follow-up match.

The developers responded to concerns about this issue over on Reddit. The official Sledgehammer Games Reddit account responded to a comment about the matchmaking issue.

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The developers stated in the comment that they are currently working on a fix for the issue, including that they’ve created a Trello card for it. However, as of time of writing, they have not yet given an update on when a possible patch could be deployed to completely solve the matchmaking problem. It seems that for now, Vanguard players will have to deal with extended wait times in public lobbies; players that don’t want to wait as long could hop in to Ranked Play if they wanted, as the wait times for that mode currently seem to be more forgiving.

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