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Valve introduced improved spectating features Wednesday – just before the start of the biggest DOTA 2 event of the year, The International 10. This includes a specialized website for live games and spoiler-free match results, a new spectator cheering system and better Twitch integration.

“With broadcasts in five languages, an all-new cheering system, and improved Twitch integration — The International begins shortly,” tweeted the Dota International account.

The International 10 adds new features to spectating

To start, the first thing Valve introduced was a specific website to watch TI 10 with the best viewing experience. As a modified version of its regular Dota Pro Circuit website, Valve added the option to keep match results hidden or let them stay viewable. Along with that, the broadcasts on the website contain every language stream available, allowing viewers to switch through them easily.

As it states in the announcement, as the group stages start there will be multiple games happening at the same time.  This site allows fans to choose which games they want to see or use the Multicast broadcast which highlights the best games of the day.

On top of that, to make up for the fans not being able to be in the arena live to watch, a new cheering feature is added to the site. Either in-client or soon on Twitch, when a match is live, you can click on your favorite team’s logos at the top of the screen to cheer for them.  If you are a Supporter’s Club member, your cheers will be the sheen of the tier you are, from Bronze to Gold.

Twitch integration for The International 10

For this year, the team at Valve has worked with Twitch extension creators to create a new overlook for TI 10. This includes added features like item descriptions when you hover your mouse over them, to the aforementioned cheering mechanic. Some more interesting additions include in-game predictions, four specific questions that when answered correctly, help fans earn Compendium Points to progress along the Compendium Reward Line.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Twitch stream without drops. Drops are returning for TI 10, with a guaranteed drop of The International 2021 Lineage Treasure if you watch at least one hour of the event.