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The Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit announced that, as of today, Omega Esports have been banned from all Valve-sponsored matches due to match fixing in a match against Mongolian team Lilgun.

Omega Esports are banned for match-fixing

Omega Esports will no longer hold the Upper Division slot that they had from last year. Boom Esports will now take the slot as they were the seventh place team last year, and they will begin to play in place of Omega in the upper-division. The lower division spot will be decided by a closed qualifier of various open qualifier teams, which will take place on Nov. 26. In these situations, Valve extends the ban for life for all the players involved. However, match fixing typically happens with only a few players on the team, so more information should come out regarding who, specifically, is guilty of match fixing.

The following players are listed in the announcement: Dave Hiro Miyata, Prince Niño “Prince” Poligrates, Piolo “Piolzdotes” Dela Cruz, Ryniel Keit “Zenki” Calvez, Van Jerico “Vannn” Manalaysay, and their Coach Chris Ian “CTY” Francis Maldo.

The instance of match fixing happened during the BTS Pro Series Southeast Asia Season 9. However, in between the instance of match fixing and the announcement of a ban, Omega Esports switched their roster. This means that their new additions — Ramzi “ramz” Bayhaki, Lee “Forev” Sang-don and Liew Jun “Eren” Jie — will not be banned and will have to look for new teams in order to participate in the Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit. Omega Esports made a showing in the last regional qualifier and have always been a middle-of-the-pack team during the regular season.

Another team affected by the ban is Execration, who recently added Vannn to their team. The ban forces them to find another player on short notice in order to participate in the Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit.

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