Valorant's new Sovereign skins offer a fancy new look for weapons
Valorant Sovereign Guardian skin

Valorant’s new Sovereign skins offer a fancy new look for weapons

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Valorant has only been out for about a week and a half, but Riot has already added a new set of skins to the game. You can see the new Sovereign skins in the collections tab, but they are not yet available for purchase. Here’s what we know so far.

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The weapons getting Sovereign skins

The following five weapons all have Sovereign skins in the collection. Like the prime and the Luxe skins, these also have different color options.

  • Ghost
  • Stinger
  • Guardian
  • Marshal
  • Melee

Sovereign Guardian

Each base skin is white and gold with three other color options. One is a jade and rust combination (as seen above), the second is black and silver, and the last is dark green and black with glowing accents. The Sovereign Melee looks like a small machete or dagger with a golden and black handle and a silver blade. There are also two visual effect upgrades for the weapon.

But how will we get them?

The Sovereign skins will likely appear in the shop after the Prime Collection rotates out in a few hours. If not then, they will surely appear in the shop with the next patch. This will likely arrive either the next Wednesday or the Wednesday after that. Since we just received a patch a couple of days ago, we may not see one next week.

The Sovereign Collection will likely cost the same as the Prime Collection. They both include four gun skins and a knife skin with upgrades and customization options. This would mean that the entire collection will cost 7,100 Valorant Points, which is roughly $70 USD. Each individual gun will probably be 1,775 Valorant Points, which is $20, while the individual melee is 3,550 or $35.

Be sure to keep an eye on the store if you are interested in purchasing the new skins. They should be available soon.