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Winter is right around the corner, and Valorant is getting in the spirit a little early. There’s a new Snowball Fight game mode coming soon and the Winter Wunderland collection is now available in the store.

Here’s more about the collection, including how long it will be available and how much it costs.

The Winter Wunderland collection

The Winter Wunderland gun skins are all very similar, and they don’t offer any customization options. They are an icy blue color with a small wintery village reflection each of the guns has a slightly different image on it. Like with the nebula skins, the image stays in one place even when you move the gun.

Here are the four guns getting the skins:

  • Ghost
  • Marshal
  • Phantom
  • Vandal

The Winter Wunderland melee is also getting a skin that IS customizable with Radianite points. Instead of a knife, it’s a candy cane and you can change the color from white and red to white and green, white and blue, and white mixed in with rainbow colors. This is one of the only customizable melee weapon skins.

How much does it cost and how long is it in the store?

The entire collection costs 5,100 Valorant points, which is roughly $50. Each individual gun skin costs 1,275, which is roughly $15. The candy cane melee costs 2,550, which is roughly $30. If you choose to get the bundle, the melee weapon will come with it for free.

The Winter Wunderland collection will be in the shop for two weeks until Wednesday, December 23. So, you will have plenty of time to decide whether you want any or all of the skins.

Be sure to check out the skins along with the new patch. The Snowball Fight mode should be live soon along with the Night Market which will offer different gun skins for a cheaper price!