Valorant reporting system planned to notify users if action is taken
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Valorant reporting system planned to notify users if action is taken

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If you play any type of online game, you will eventually run into someone who needs to be reported. A few clicks of the mouse and you let the developer know that someone was using inappropriate language or intentionally threw a match. Typically you don’t know what the results are. Maybe they had their chat muted; maybe nothing came from your report. Riot Games is looking to change that with Valorant’s reporting system.

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Paul “Arkem” Chamberlain, Valorant programmer and anti-cheat lead at Riot Games, took to Reddit to address how developers will be giving feedback for negative behavior. In response to a user asking for feedback on how reporting improves the game, Chamberlain assured the user that a notification system is coming. When a player is reprimanded for their behavior and your report contributed directly to their punishment, Riot Games will make it known.

“We have plans for this! (for all kinds of bad behaviors including cheating),” Chamberlain said. “I think it’s important for people to get feedback when their reports lead to a punishment being delivered.”

Valorant is taking a page out of League of Legends‘ book

Riot Games’ flagship title League of Legends already incorporates this feature in its reporting system. If a player reports another player, the Instant Feedback system will immediately review the case. If it determines their behavior is not appropriate, it punishes the player within 15 minutes of the report. Both players are notified if any action is taken. The system also protects itself against abuse, putting future reporting under higher scrutiny. Players who are reported get punished, but if they don’t change their behavior, they face a perma-ban after their fourth offense. 

While Riot Games has not detailed what Valorant’s reporting system will look like, there is a good chance it will be similar to that of League of Legends. Riot Games recently discussed what some punishments will look like once Valorant releases June 2. Earlier this week Valorant anti-cheat engineer Phillip Koskinas confirmed that Riot Games has banned more than 10,000 players for cheating already. While the Vanguard anti-cheating program has been a little controversial for players, it is hard to deny its effectiveness. 

Hopefully Valorant development teams will be able to have these reporting features available when the game launches on June 2. For all your Valorant news, make sure to follow Daily Esports.

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