Valorant rated competitive mode is targeting release for next week
Valorant rated competitive mode is targeting release for next week
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Valorant rated competitive mode is targeting release for next week

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Valorant’s competitive game mode “rated” should be released sometime next week according to game developer Joe Ziegler. Ziegler took to Twitter almost three weeks after Valorant’s official release to confirm rated was in the works.

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Since the game’s worldwide release at the beginning of June, players have yearned for a competitive mode, especially players who had access to the beta and knew most of what the game had to offer. Reddit users have even taken to the official Valorant page to express how dry unrated gameplay can be.

100 Thieves’ Valorant team captain Spencer “Hiko” Martin spoke about players burning out on stream. In a clip, he asked his Twitch chat what their opinion was on Valorant weeks after its release. He also mentioned how people have messaged him on Twitter asking how he could play for seven hours a day. It seems that most players are missing the competitive drive from Valorant’s beta.

Valorant rated mode

Valorant’s competitive game mode requires a minimum of 20 unrated games played before you are eligible to climb the ranks. However, players who had access to rated in the beta do not have to play another 20 games to qualify. This means if you haven’t played much of Valorant since its release but did in the beta, you’re still able to play competitively.

When you first start playing rated, your matchmaking rating (MMR) is taken into consideration. That means that how you’ve been playing in unrated will have a small effect on where you place. Valorant implemented unrated MMR into rated play as a way to level the competitive playing field. Before getting your final rank, you will have to play a total of five placement matches.

These matches will pin you against players around your skill level to see how you perform. The player’s individual performance matters just as much as winning the match. For example, if you’re the top player on your team and you win the match, your rating will increase. However, if you’re the bottom player on your team, your rating will still increase with a win but not as much as that of the top player.

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