Valorant Rank Rating distribution continues frustrating players
Valorant rank rating
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Valorant Rank Rating distribution continues frustrating players

Riot Games’ FPS title Valorant has received plenty of negative feedback over the game’s ranking system, but players are still speaking out despite recent changes.

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100 Thieves’ Josh “Steel” Nissan expressed his frustration on Twitter, posting a picture of him losing more Rank Rating than he gained. Steel posted another picture shortly after that detailed his frustrations further. He lost five games in a row with match and team MVP awards. Despite his stellar performance and close games, he was still losing between 23-28 Rank Rating.

Steel isn’t the only one that noticed the unbalanced shift in Rank Rating distribution. Earlier this month, a post went up on the Valorant Reddit bringing this issue to light. The post has more than 40 comments, with some as new as yesterday, sharing their own frustrations. 

Riot Games said it is continuously working on the competitive system for Valorant but the developer has yet to perfect it. After several patches delivering changes to the competitive system, players are still unsatisfied with Valorant.

100 Thieves’ CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag expressed his own frustration with Valorant recently on Twitter. As Nadeshot has attempted climbing to Radiant since the beginning of episode two, he peaked at Immortal before falling back down to Diamond elo. He, too, had his own frustrations with the Rank Rating distribution.

Valorant’s Rank Rating system still a work in progress

When Valorant’s beta launched in April of 2020, players were excited about the game and pushed the developers to release a competitive system as soon as possible. However, Valorant still had kinks that needed to be worked out before a ranked mode could be released.

Despite the approaching anniversary of players first getting their hands on the game, Riot is still iterating on the ranked system. Since Riot officially released the game in June, the developers have been transparent with the community about upcoming changes. These changes included agent changes, gun adjustments, and rank play tweaks.

Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 begins March 2, with no word as of yet about any further changes to the Rank Rating distribution.

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