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VALORANT patch 2.09 adds the Replication game mode, Breeze updates, and tactical timeouts to Tournament Mode in Custom Games.

VALORANT has added three different game modes since its official released in June of last year. Spike Rush was the first addition to the game, allowing players who have less time to practice in a first-to-four style mode. After Spike Rush came Deathmatch which allowed players to practice their aim on different maps until one player reached forty kills. Finally, VALORANT released Escalation, a type of gun game that allowed players to test their skills with all forms of weapons and abilities in game.

Replication follows a similar principle of Escalation and allows players to play through the game mode while having an unlimited amount of agent abilities. Players will play through the match until one side reaches five rounds. It will be another short-term game like Spike Rush and allow players to get into a match without a 30 minute time requirement.

VALORANT patch 2.09 addresses Breeze

Riot Games released its sixth map alongside Act 3 at the beginning of April. The map featured an island getaway theme that is much different than the other maps. After nearly a month of playtime on the map, Breeze will be getting its first facelift.

View from Breeze's attacker spawn.
Image provided by Riot Games

Patch 2.09 has now blocked the vision of the gaps above the Mid-Wood Door and A Metal Doors. This prevents either team from catching glimpses of players that may be lurking on the other side of the door. The vision of the gaps was not intended when the map originally came out and has now been changed. The patch has also smooth plyer collision in various locations, preventing agents or abilities to clip through certain parts of the map. It also allows players to maneuver around the map in the way that Riot originally intended.

Tactical timeouts

With VALORANT’s first-ever offline international event around the corner, Riot has been making an extra effort to smooth the Custom Game mode. In the last patch VALORANT added coaching slots to either team that allowed coaches to watch over the games while they are being played. Now, there will be two tactical timeouts that can be called per game, per team.

  • 2 tactical timeouts can be called per game, per team.
  • Tactical timeouts last 60 seconds.
  • Tactical timeouts freeze all player movements for the duration of the timeout.
  • For technical pauses, the standard Pause Match Timer option is still available.