Valorant community shocked by Jett and Raze run boost exploits
Valorant Jett and Raze

Valorant community shocked by Jett and Raze run boost exploits

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A clip of Valorant agents Jett and Raze run boosting has sparked conversation throughout the community. At release, Riot Games stated Valorant‘s gunplay was “precise, consequential, and highly lethal” and that mechanical skill and strategy were king. However, players are finding exploits in an Agent’s abilities can eclipse pure skill.

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Run boosting is a popular movement mechanic in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If executed properly, a player catapults across an area and can access parts of the map they typically wouldn’t. Initially, run boosting wasn’t thought to be in Valorant because Agents can’t stand on top of each other. However, leave it to the gaming community to find a smart workaround.

CSGO run boost
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Jett and Raze run boost

Redditor NikUrf posted a video of a wild run boost on Haven. The boost successfully juts the friendly Raze from near the attacker gate down long. At the end of the boost, Raze is practically face to face with the enemy. The first boost is relatively tame compared to the second, where the Raze run boosts her ultimate into the attacker. With two small bunny hops, Raze’s movement is reminiscent of that of a Team Fortress 2 soldier speed-shotting through a chokehold with his rocket launcher.

Raze + Jett haven run boost back 2 back rounds from VALORANT

At the moment, it’s unclear whether all Agents have the ability to boost in this manner. The boost is based around Jett’s dash catapulting a jumping player. Therefore, it’s assumed that only Jetts can perform the boost because characters are still unable to stand on each other’s backs. At the same time, all Agents should be able to receive the boost because all they have to do is jump over Jett’s head.

Replies to the video speculated that the mechanic is unintentional and will likely be patched. However, players urge Riot Games to implement more “skill-based movement” into the game for players to master.

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