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We’ve had several small leaks so far leading up to the release of Agent 14 in Valorant. Now, we have a very big leak in the form of a video displaying the new Agent’s abilities along with his name and what he looks like.

Here’s the video, what his abilities do, and what we know about him so far.

Agent 14 has a flash, a teleport, and a decoy ability

We already knew that Agent 14 would be a duelist, and now we know what his abilities look like. His name is Yoru, and he has black spiky hair and a blue overcoat. Two of his abilities aren’t anything new, but he does bring some new mechanics to the table.

Agent 14 Leak Full Video! from VALORANT

Z Ability

For his Z ability, he sends forth a set of footprints that mimic a footstep sound. This acts as a decoy which can mislead players to hearing something that isn’t there. Since sound is important in Valorant, this will be a useful ability for throwing players off.

X Ability

Agent 14’s X ability is a flash that seems to bounce off another surface and then detonate. His flash is a bright blue as compared to Skye’s green, Breach’s yellow, and Pheonix’s red.

C Ability

Yoru’s C ability is some kind of portal. He places a visible portal on the ground and then can reactivate the ability to go back to the portal.

Ultimate Ability

For his ultimate, he goes invisible and invulnerable for a short time. When he comes out of invisibility, there is an animation and he has to reequip his gun.

These abilities seem quite powerful. He can get around efficiently, blind enemies, and distract them with his fake footsteps. While we will have to wait to see him in action to determine how good he will actually be, Valorant Agent 14 looks like he’s going to be fun and strong.